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Terms Of Service

General Provisions
  • makes no guarantee of any kind, of how many views your ad will have.
  • makes no guarantee of any kind, that your ad will receive any responses.
  • also makes no guarantee of any kind, that your item will sell from our web site
  • As an ad poster, you agree that the information you submit is accurate and does not advertise or promote any illegal or unethical activities.
  • We reserve the complete right to arbitrarily and capriciously delete or modify any ads which are posted on our sites for any reason.
  • ANY links or url's posted with your ad are subject to removal without notice by This includes, but is not limited to, ads with links or url's posted in them that solicit sales and/or business and/or are posted for the purpose of generating traffic to any site or server, We have other options available for that purpose.
  • Place and/or purchase items in this database at your own risk. is a service to the entire Internet. Therefore we cannot prohibit activity by unsavory and/or seedy individuals. You, as a visitor or an ad poster, agree to hold harmless and their officers/agents for any and all damages, fees, fines, or losses that may incur as a direct or indirect use of this system.
  • reserves the right to modify/discontinue, temporarily or permanently, our service with or without notice to user. User agrees that shall not be liable to User or any third-party for any modification or discontinuation of the Service.
  • All normal and/or premium ads are posted and left on our web site until the car sells. These types of ads shall remain on our web site for a minimum of 1 year. You (the ad poster) must notify us ( at the end of your year as to whether or not your vehicle has been sold. It is the responsibility of the ad poster to contact us and let us know if the has not sold. If no notification is made to us by the ad poster, we reserve to right to remove said ad without notice to the ad poster.
  • All Premium ads MUST HAVE at least ONE associated photo of the item in order to be placed on any of our feature pages including the front page. If no photo image has been attached to your ad listing within 48 hours of the ad being posted, it is the responsibility of the ad poster to notify us ( that you have recently added an image to your listing so that we may place it on the front page of the associated web site and/or other feature pages.
  • All ads placed by a seller go directly into the search database and can be located immediately by visitors searching for vehicles. Premium ad signup's are posted to the front page of the associated web site within 24-48 hours of ad placement.
  • All pictures submitted to ads will be resized and displayed in various sizes across our web site
  • Any violation of these terms will result in the cancellation of your account. This will effect your account access to add, add to, modify, or delete your advertisement, though your ad may or may not remain on our web site
  • does not guarantee 100% uptime of our web site, or any web site within our network. If any technical problems arise (ie: Our host having a technical problem or our scripts stop functioning) and your ad is unable to be displayed for any amount of time, is not liable for any damages that you may incur as a result of said technical issue. In the event of such an issue. No refunds will be issued or given.

Order Cancellation Policy

  • Once a payment has been made to place an ad or ads, your sale is final and cannot be cancelled.
  • If you have difficulty placing your ad, or posting photos to your ad, please contact us at the following link via email: or by calling our business phone at 239-200-1900, We will assist you in placing your ad or uploading photos for your ad absolutely FREE.
Refund/Exchange Policy
  • We do not offer refunds for any reason (unless of course it is a duplicate transaction).
  • We do not offer exchanges for ads on other sites for any reason.
  • Changing your mind after you have paid does not entitle you to a refund.


  • Do not use our email system to spam our customers. If it is determined that you have done so, we will report you to the abuse department of your ISP/Hosting provider and take all necessary steps, technically, legally and financially, to prevent you from repeating the offense. In short, we will block you, sue you, and sink you in legal bills if necessary.

Copyright and use policy

  • Any and all photographs posted to our web site, ( become the sole property of (We have no plans to do anything with them, but this portion is necessary in order to retain ads on our web site after accounts expire and/or are cancelled).


  • At times, we may be contacted by other companies that may want us to give out your email address. We will in no way shape form or fashion, give away your email address. However, this does not remove the ability of such an individual or company to use the automatically provided contact form on your ad to contact you. We may give permission to said company to use the contact form to contact you if we feel that it's possible, it could help you sell your vehicle. Please note that if someone uses the contact form, your email address is completely hidden from them and anyone else that may attempt to contact you. The only way anyone will get your email address, is if you choose to respond to such an offer.


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